Telephony Engineering Books

1. Digital Telephony (Wiley Series in Telecommunications and Signal Processing) by John C. Bellamy.

2. The Biggest Company on Earth: A Profile of ATandT by Sonny Kleinfield.

3. The Rape of Ma Bell: The Criminal Wrecking of the Best Telephone System in the World by Constantine Raymond Kraus – Alfred W. Duerig.

4. The Continuous Wave: Technology and American Radio, 1900-1932 (Princeton Legacy Library) by Hugh G.J. Aitken.

5. Disconnecting Parties: Managing the Bell System Break-Up, an Inside View by Brooke Tunstall.

6. The Complete Guide to Telephone Equipment Troubleshooting and Repair by John D. Lenk.

7. Universal Service: Competition, Interconnection, and Monopoly in the Making of the American Telephone System (AEI Studies in Telecommunications Deregulation) by Milton L. Mueller.

8. The Biggest Company on Earth: A Profile of AT&T by Sonny Kleinfield.

9. Money-Making 900 Numbers: How Entrepreneurs Use the Telephone to Sell Information by Carol Morse Ginsburg.

10. The ITT Wars by Rand V. Araskog.

11. The Telephone Enterprise: The Evolution of the Bell System’s Horizontal Structure, 1876-1909 (The Johns Hopkins / AT& T Series in Telephone History) by Professor Robert W. Garnet.

12. Understanding Telephone Electronics, Third Edition by Stephen Bigelow.

13. The Teleconferencing Resource Book: A Guide to Applications and Planning by .

14. On the Line: How McI Took on At&T-And Won! by Larry Kahaner.

15. Toward Competition in Local Telephony (Aei Studies in Telecommunications Deregulation) by William J. Baumol – J. Gregory Sidak.

16. 900 Know-How: How to Succeed With Your Own 900 Number Business by Robert Mastin.

17. The Continuous Wave: Technology and American Radio, 1900-1932 (Princeton Legacy Library) by Hugh G.J. Aitken.

18. Understanding Telephone Electronics by .

19. The Legend of AllTel by David A. Patten – Jeffrey L. Rodengen.

20. The Anatomy of a Business Strategy: Bell, Western Electric and the Origins of the American Telephone Industry (The Johns Hopkins / AT& T Series in Telephone History) by George David Smith.

21. Digital Telephony by John C. Bellamy.

22. Wake Up Your Call Center: How to Be a Better Call Center Agent (Customer Access Management) by Rosanne D’Ausilio.

23. Carrier Grade Voice Over IP by Daniel Collins.

24. CTI Solutions and Systems: How to Put Computer Telephony Integration to Work by Michael Bayer.

25. Pager Power by Ted Strauss.

26. Wrong Number: The Breakup of At&T by Alan Stone.

27. The Bell Telephone System (Classic Reprint) by Arthur W. Page.

28. Transmission & Signalling Basics by Jack Dempsey.

29. Private Branch Exchange Systems and Applications (Mcgraw-Hill Series on Computer Communications) by Stanley E. Bush – Charles R. Parsons.

30. The Best 900 Numbers by W. Brooks McCarty.

31. The Failure of Antitrust and Regulation to Establish Competition (AEI Studies in Telecommunications Deregulation) by Paul MacAvoy – Paul W. MacAvoy.

32. Introduction to Exchange Systems by T.H. Flowers.

33. Telephone Voice Transmission: Standards and Measurement by Winston D. Gayler.

34. Introduction to Telephones & Telephone Systems (The Artech House Telecommunications Library) by A. Michael Noll.

35. The Practical Guide to Voice Mail by Martin Parker.

36. Signaling System 7 Basics (2nd edition) by Richard Dreher – Lawrence Harte.

37. Traffic Engineering Tables: The Complete Practical Encyclopedia by Jim Jewett.

38. Hot Wires Secrets of the 900 Number Industry by Michael T. Glaspie.

39. Telephony: Today and Tomorrow (Prentice-Hall series in data processing management) by Dimitris N. Chorafas.

40. Disconnecting Bell: The Impact of the At&t Divestiture by Harry M. Shooshan.

41. The Almost-Black Phoneman : The Adventures of a Telephone Repairman in Los Angeles by Bill Bridges.

42. Long Distance Please: The Story of the TransCanada Telephone System by E. B Ogle.

43. Eureka! It’S A Telephone (Inventing) by Jeanne Bendick.

44. Engineering Economy: A Manager’s Guide to Economic Decision Making by AMER TELE & TELE.

45. 900 Know-How: How to Succeed with Your Own 900 Number Business by Robert Mastin.

46. Introducing Cellular Communications: The New Mobile Telephone System by Stan Prentiss.

47. Viewdata and the information society by James Martin.

48. Telemanagement: How to Select and Manage Your Business Telephone System by John C. Fuhrman.

49. Reverse the Charges: How to Save Money on Your Phone Bill; Money-Saving Tips On: Buying Your Own Phone; Comparing McI, Sprint, Metrofone, Itt, and O by Samuel A. Simon – Joseph W., Jr. Waz.

50. The Bell telephone system by Arthur W. 1883-1960 Page.

51. Introducing Cellular Communications: The New Mobile Telephone System by Stan Prentiss.

52. Public Service Liberalism: Telecommunications and Transitions in Public Policy (Princeton Legacy Library) by Alan Stone.

53. The Phone Book: How to Get the Telephone Equipment and Service You Want and Pay Less by Carl Oppedahl.

54. Cordless Telecommunications in Europe: The Evolution of Personal Communications by .

55. Shopper’s Guide: 1999 AT&T National Toll-Free Directory (National Toll-Free and Internet Directory : Shopper’s Guide) by Patricia Selden.

56. Secrets of Installing a Telephone System by Neil Sachoff.

57. Phone Book Money Saving Guide to Installing or Replacing Telephone Equipment in Your Home or Business by Luecke – Gerald Luecke – James Allen.

58. Special Services Telephony: An Introduction to Transmission and Signalling by Steven Slomka.

59. The Telephone System Of The British Post Office: A Practical Handbook (1898) by Thomas Ernest Herbert.

60. Carrier Grade Voice Over IP (McGraw-Hill Networking Professional Carrier Grade Voice Over IP Second Edition) by Daniel Collins.

61. Internet Phone Connections by Cheryl Kirk.

62. Phone Book, 2E by Jerry Luecke.

63. The Birth and Early Years of the Bell Telephone System, 1876-1880 (Small business enterprise in America) by Rosario J. Toseillo.

64. How to Buy a Telephone System: A Step-By-Step Approach by Richard A. Kuehn.